Repair Policy

We do provide repair and/or parts replacement services for items in and out of our warranty.

About repairs and replacement of parts:

  1. The process of replacing any parts of a sunglasses or repairing them (frame, arms, lens and hinges) must be done by YYCMOOD (in Calgary, AB).
  2. If a customer agrees to perform a repair or part replacement by himself/herself, our warranty will be void and YYCMOOD will no longer be accountable for this item.
    1. Basic technical assistance may be provided in a best efforts basis.

About costs:

  1. if you aren't in Calgary, AB, shipping and return shipping will be covered by the customer.
  2. For items out of our warranty, replacements will be at extra cost:
    Part Cost (CAD)
    Frame $55 + GST
    Lens $25 each + GST
    Arms $20 each + GST

    Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns about our policies by emailing us at