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= Are we a local Canadian brand?
Yes, we are! We’re proud to be a local Canadian brand based out of Calgary, Alberta.
= Do we believe in Environmental sustainability?
We firmly believe in eco friendly products made out of biodegradable materials and/or recycled wood which replace those more hazardous ones that are usually dumped into the environment, rivers and oceans. Human civilization and nature can co-exist without hurting each other.

This is our contribution and commitment to a better planet. This is why we started YYCMOOD sunglasses.
= Is your wood and bamboo sustainable?
Bamboo is highly sustainable and renewable. It grows rapidly and is durable, lightweight, and waterproof. The woods we use are renewable, non-endangered and non-restricted.
= Where are our sunglasses made?
They’re made in Hong Kong following our strict quality specifications at all times. Those which don’t meet our quality control are returned to our specialists for inspection and a fresh start after. Our primary goal is to provide Canadians and consumers in general with eco friendly and biodegradable products to replace those made out of non-biodegradable and hazardous materials.

Technical Specifications

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Payment & Warranty

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