Home activities to stay positive during the Coronavirus pandemic!

As the cases of the new coronavirus in Canada continue to rise, the Public Health Agency recommends Canadians to practice social distancing, avoiding mass gatherings and maintaining approximately two meters distance from others when possible. But, what can you do to stay prepared and as healthy as possible, while staying inside your house most of the days?

Stay clean!

Wash your hands frequently, with warm water and soap, by rubbing them continuously and thoroughly for 20 seconds, at least

Disinfect your kitchen and every surface that you frequently touch by using antiseptics and home cleaning products.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Eat high nutrient meals and fruits, such as salmon, garlic, spinach, tuna, seaweed, oranges and apples.

Keep yourself and your family healthy and happy!

Today, there is a lot of anxiety, and with the coronavirus lockdown, it means millions of kids, including yours, stuck at home, making your time as a parent, very difficult. Kids can be very energetic, pushing your boundaries in ways they cannot comprehend. So what can you do to keep your kids under control? So, how can you keep your family happy?

Avoid talking about the coronavirus in a panicky way.

Maintain structure in your home, by keeping a regime and waking up at the same time every day, going through the same routine, getting dressed, having your breakfast and getting ready to start your day.

Keep your kids busy by giving them homework and other school oriented activities you can find online.

Purchase family games, start a craft project and try other family activities like cooking, baking and gardening.

Change your body and mind by working out. You can find free exercises online, also enjoy those great sunny days by working out in your backyard or balcony, outdoor exercise is a way to get your vitamin D through sunlight. You also have other exercise options while remaining socially distanced, such as running, walking, or biking.

Grow a garden!

During the isolation, growing a garden will be beneficial to both your body and mind. First of all, it will give you a sense of accomplishment. Whenever you access your garden and smell the fruits of your efforts, you will feel satisfaction. Second, during these hard times, you can grow up the food you like, avoiding frequent trips to the supermarket, while also limiting your expenses.

Locate available space, with access to sunlight and thing about the plants you want to grow.

Have a look around and find the best option for your compost and the appropriate tools, to start with. Keep in mind you don’t need excessive tools to grow a simple garden.

If you don’t have much space and light, you can grow Chinese celery, mint and parsley. These are excellent herbs, high in nutrients that will enrich the flavor of your every meal.

By following these simple guidelines you will ensure healthier and happier moments during this crisis.

Tell us, what measures are you taking to stay positive during this pandemic?

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